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Synchronization between 2 e-mail account

By sulmau ·
Synchronization between two e-mail accounts.? Pls Help........


I just want to know about the synchronization of e-mails between two accounts.

Is it possible.....??

Below is my thinking & want to implement this ( if it's possible? ).

I'm currently running my mail server under Win NT4.0 ( Server ) on dialup ( no dedicated/leased connection ).

I've a user which travel's a lot.
I just took a account from an ISP & forward all his e-mail coming on his office e-mail address to his new e-mail address & also retain at the office server.

I made two e-mail profile's on his lap top with two setting's described as follows,

1 - When user will be in office than he will use setting one in which e-mail configuration is for office e-mail server.

2 - When user will out of the office ( i.e at home or wherever he is ) he will use the setting two in which e-mail setting is configured for ISP account.

At this point everything is working fine except one problemwhich is as following

Now when the user is out of the office he used the ISP account for e-mails but when the user is in office he used the office e-mail server for his e-mails & gets the duplicate mails because the e-mail server retained a local copy of every forwarded mail.

Here is my question....
Can I synchronize the two accounts..??? ( ISP account & office server account ).
So that user always get only one copy of each mail.

Is it possible...??
If it is possible then how....???

or is there any other way to do this either using windows synchronization option ( I think it will not work? ) or using any third party software or anything else which will help to do this......?

I hope that above will be understandable.

Awaiting a helpful answer/idea for this as always.....

If any one need any further info, pls let me know.......

Thanks / Sulman

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trying to remember

by ferocious In reply to Synchronization between 2 ...

I remember the CEO of the company where I worked had a similar setup and at first he was getting duplicate messages. I think what happened was the user names were the same in both accounts and the server sent it to both automatically. You could trysetting up a test account (call it test) and specify his e-mail address. Go to his workstation and see if he has exchange and internet mail set up. Undo one of them, then send a message to his account.

I'm sorry if this is confusing (a fatal error in IT, I know) and I am sure there is an expert reading your message who is presently faced with the same scenario. I am trying to remember events from 1999, but your issue IS resolvable.

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Yes it is possible

by thinknologist In reply to Synchronization between 2 ...


Since you have not mentioned the apps for your mail server (it is fine). Well i tried it before and until now trying to but still can't find one.
Until i resigned and got a low paying IT job there i found the notes mail server apps which dohelp a lot.

Any place he can access his email. RAS access service will be a primarily help.

I hope this helps you bro..If you need help just send me an email because there i could cater your needs. Goodluck.

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