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    Synchronization between browsers


    by dalcicekahmet2

    Hello, i’m kinda new here. I am using firefox on my laptop and mobile device right now. I bought a new tablet today. But i don’t want to use firefox in my tablet because Firefox ui is so bad. i want to use opera or vivaldi on my tablet. I want to send a tab or link from Firefox to another browser like send a tab from pc to mobile with Firefox. . Is there a way to connect Firefox with another browser?

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      Re: browsers

      by kees_b

      In reply to Synchronization between browsers

      I googled “”send a tab from pc to mobile with Firefox” because I didn’t understand what it means.

      All I found are your identical questions on stackoverflow and serveanswer, none of those two with an answer.

      Apparently what you do is unique, or you don’t use the right terms. Better check the English language Firefox documentation to see how they call it, and then use that to make your question clear.

      However, I am afraid the answer is no. Browsers are not known for their interoperability.

      Why not use on Opera or Vivaldi your PC also to see if it’s possible then? If they can’t send a tab from their own program (whatever it is) from a PC to a tablet, it’s very unlikely the tablet version of their program can receive it from Firefox, Chrome or Edge.

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      Here’s five sync systems.

      by rproffitt

      In reply to Synchronization between browsers has 5 ways to sync bookmarks.

      As to send a tab from pc to mobile with Firefox, only if you use same browser.

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      Reply To: Synchronization between browsers

      by claquesift0p

      In reply to Synchronization between browsers

      Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, if it is please delete this message, and point me to the correct forum! 馃檪

      Probably like many people I have multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) running across multiple devices – Linux Desktop PC, mac, and android phone.

      Is there a way that I can easily synchronize my bookmarks across the different browsers and devices, it doesn’t need to be fancy pants solution, just one that can merge, synchronize and update bookmarks really.

      Many thanks in advance!!!!

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