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synchronization problem with OUTLOOK

By gulik ·
I?m having problems with synchronizing new 8700 blackberries to outlook contacts. It?s a simple real synch (not a wireless one) to the contacts folder. What can cause those problems and how to solve it? And where are log files stored??

Here is the synch log

8:16:16 Synchronizer Version 11.0.5604
8:16:16 Synchronizing Mailbox '<username>'
8:16:16 Synchronizing local changes in folder 'Deleted Items'
8:16:19 Uploading to server ''
8:17:30 55 item(s) added to online folder
8:17:30 Error synchronizing folder
8:17:30 [80040119-20010C01-0-310]
8:17:30 Microsoft Office Outlook Offline Folders
8:17:30 For more information on this failure, click the URL below:
8:17:30 Done

I went trough some configuration but none of these it's not helping me. It?s continuing to fail when it gets to my contacts

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Desktop Manager

by AristonCC In reply to synchronization problem w ...

I'm assuming you're running the latest version of the Desktop Manager and have gone into the sync settings and specified the Contacts folder.

Are you running Exchange? Have you tried this from another computer and do you get the same results?

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Had similar problems with an HP PDA

by dmartens In reply to synchronization problem w ...

I am having the same problem with sync on my work outlook email and HP PDA when sync the two.

I would like to know what to do to correct. Before I noticed the problem I had 2500 messages sent to a subfolder

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any updates on this issue

by bharris In reply to Had similar problems with ...

I am having the same problem after updating; the messages synch but nothing else.

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When settin gup the desktop manager

by w2ktechman In reply to synchronization problem w ...

did you choose the desktop redirector or server redirector?
If the server was chosen, it will not sync except wirelessly.

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synchronization problem with outlook

by gloriapetrucci In reply to synchronization problem w ...

I had the same problem when synchronizing an 8700 blackberry to outlook calendar contacts and then realized that within the calendar and options menu. Wireless synchronization was set to Off. After changing the setting, the contacts began to synch.

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This worked for me

by kimballwells In reply to synchronization problem w ...

I had the same problem with outlook 2003. It would not stop synchronizing folders so that I could receive my email. I finally called Microsoft tech support and we figured out that I had multiple firewalls running. After I eliminated the extra firewalls the problem was solved. Just use one.

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Setting exception in firewall

by the_kav_man In reply to This worked for me

I had the same problem. Turning the firewall off solves it, but adding Desktop Manager as an exception in windows firewall doesn't work. I'll have to check further, but turning off firewall temporarily isn't a problem at the moment.

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