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Synchronizing Access databases

By stefancastman ·
I would like to synchronize Microsoft Access databases via TCP/IP.

I'm trying to find out if there is any "of the shelf" product(s) for this work or if I need to build this "by my self"?

The master database is on a web server and the clients are located on different PCs on the Internet.

The synchronization session must be bi-directional with conflict resolution and the session is to be sheduled/triggered by the client (in this case a Visual Basic program running on the PC).
E.g. when the database on one client is updated, it synchronizes the changes with the master and then the master synchonizes the changes with all the other clients.

I have looked on Microsoft Access Database Synchronizer & Active Sync components, but they seams to be developed for PC to Device sync?

Any ideas? :)


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Re: Synchronizing Access databases

I would look into SQL Server Express
or any other real RDBMS like PostgreSQL. Perhaps that's the very first thing I would change. Access does not have the ability to synchronize itself, or if it does it does not do it very well or fast enough.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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