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Synchronizing Passwords

By nescobar ·
Does anyone have a good procedure on password synchronization.
In our NT 4.0 domain, we have laptop users passwords expire after a few months, unfortunately, using an ISP intranet solution they do not get the warning of the upcoming expiration. So they have to logon to our RAS and try to change and synch their passwords with their cached passwords on their laptops.
Is this the best way? I was just wondering what everyone else's experience was.
We're running Win2K and XP clients out in the field.


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Synchronizing Passwords

by scott.heath In reply to Synchronizing Passwords

This isn't really isn't an answer as much as it is a confirmation. I have dealt with this at 3 different companies that use an RAS connection that does not log the user onto the domain, but only authenticates their access when loggin into exchange,citrix, etc. If you do not log directly into the domain you will never get a password change waringing and I have yet to see the password change piece that is vailable during the Exchange server authentication actually work. Some VPN client solution offer a "login to domain" option that can be selected that logs the user "off" and allows them to re-login and authenticate to the domain. The solution we have implemented, as insecure as it may be, is that all remote users' passwords are set to not expire. Hope this helps or clarifies.

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