Synchronizing the time on all the computers/servers within active directory

By JEG1985 ·
I came back this morning from our normal weekend off and I came in to find that about half of our company workstation, all of our IP phones, and 9/12 of our servers are not in sync with each other time wise. These computers mentioned have jumped back one hour. The only computers that kept the correct time were half of the workstations, and a few servers which include 3 of our most important servers which would include our main DC.

I have looked up just about everything I can on how to fix this problem. I have tried everything but the time always resets itself back to the new wrong time. Is there something I missed here?

I have tried these links and none of them have worked.**45(WS.10).aspx

Is there anyone who has any other suggestions? Again like I said unless I did something wrong.

My network is mostly mixed of Windows Server 2003 SP2 and Windows XP SP3.

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Almost sounds as if

by IC-IT In reply to Synchronizing the time on ...

They didn't get an old update to the Daylight Savings Time Change.

Prior to 2007 we fell back on the last Sunday in Oct (just passed).

Now it's the 1st Sunday in Nov.

Here is a link to the change/patch info;

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In addition...

by scndtnr In reply to Almost sounds as if

I agree with bwilmot@...; make sure the updated DST patches are installed. I also recommend setting up one of your servers to be the "authoritative" time server in your domain, then point all the other nodes to that server. This can be set manually for machines with static ip addresses (using "net time /setsntp:ntp server name" at the command line) or as a parameter in the DHCP settings. I suppose you could also do it through Group Policy, but I'm not familiar enough with that procedure to say any more about it. For the "time server" itself, I use, but there many other sources available.

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It was the patch

by JEG1985 In reply to Almost sounds as if

Turns out it was the patch. It fixed everything, I just downloaded it and did a massive auto install on every computer. Thanks a bunch for the answer. I have already made of the servers the time server.

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