Synchronizing using RDP

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I telecommute using MS Remote Desktop. Works great. I usually work on my computer and then just transfer the files to the server because it is faster than working over RDP on the server. At days end I fire up my laptop and use SyncToy as a sort of backup of my desktop to my laptop. But I can also work on my laptop and sync to my desktop. This is sweet, I just click the icon and it checks my desktop for additions, changes and so forth and updates my laptop. Takes about 5 minutes or so. Where my problem lies, is SyncToy doesn't work over RDP. So I am constantly forgetting to copy or change files on the server. Is there a program that I can use to sync my remote desktop to the server?

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To allow native apps such as SyncToy to work normally..

by robo_dev In reply to Synchronizing using RDP

you only have a few choices.

One would be some sort of VPN solution which would allow you to map a server drive. Since SyncToy does not have any remote access features or capabilities, using it with a VPN might be more hassle than it's worth.

the other solution would be to use some other sync app:,review-1060.html

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