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Synchronizing win2k clients clocks to win2k server clock?

By plt ·
Can tell me how to synch my win2k client clocks to my server? Ever since they changed DST, I cant get them to synch.

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net time

by bincarnato In reply to Synchronizing win2k clien ...

Open a command prompt and type:
net time /setsntp:(ip address of server)

Then restart the Windows Time Service

If your Win2k Server is a DHCP server too:
In Scope Options, add the "Time Server" Option and put your server IP adress in there.

In your Domain Logon Script add the line:
net time /DOMAIN:(YourDomain) /set /y

All of these should synch the time with the server.

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Anything global

by plt In reply to net time

Isn't there somewhere in win2k server where I can set my clients clocks? Or force them to synch to the server?

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Just Those

by bincarnato In reply to Anything global

There is no specific utility in Win2K that will force clients to sync other than those mentioned. Any of the previously mentioned methods will "force" then to sync with the server though. I would probably implement the DHCP option in conjunction with the line added to the logon script. This way every time the machine reboots, it syncs to the server and everytime a user logs on, it synchs with the server.

Now after the DST changes your clocks are still off by an hour, then you really have a different issue. Unless you paid for the patch from MS, then your Win2k machines will not adjust to the new DST time changes automatically. I would go out and get the Network Administrator utility from and use that to update the time tables to reflect the new DST changes. The free version will only do a certain number of machines at one time but it will run the changes remotely. Now if you are talking about hundreds of clients then you might consider something else.

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