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    Syncing Outlooks


    by frenz9 ·

    With all the many options of outlook email syncing software like Outlook sync, pst sync etc i am having trouble finding out exactly what would do the job i require best.

    I would like to sync my outlook between my work computer & my portable laptop, my main use for this is so i can work on emails at home, and then they will be the same on the work machine.

    Outlook sync seems like it might be the way to go, will these programs automatically update each mailbox to the newest?

    Also considering dropbox.


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      Well, they sync one device to another.

      by seanferd ·

      In reply to Syncing Outlooks

      So, if by “automatically update each mailbox to the newest” you mean “download current mail from the server(s) and swap that, too”, I doubt it. Sync tools take what’s in Outlook data files on the devices and merges them on each system. So, if there is stuff at work which really isn’t stored on your computer, but in an Exchange server, this won’t help.

      Since you mention dropbox, another consideration:
      If all you want to do is download the same email at home as you do at work, and you can check the work email server from home, then all you need to do is set the Outlook on the work device to leave a copy on the server (not delete it when you download mail).

      edit: But as to an Outlook syncing tool in general, if it doesn’t sync email, I don’t know how the vendor can call it an Outlook sync tool.

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