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Synthetic Backups

By nisar.khan ·
Whats are the advantages or dis-advanages of synthetic backups. I have been asigned to re-evaluate our existing backup strategy. Currently my backup windows exceeds over 17+ hours...

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Seems like a lot of work

by stress junkie In reply to Synthetic Backups

I hadn't heard of synthetic backups before your post. I had to look it up. According to the Dell web site and the Webopedea web site the synthetic backup uses an old full backup and a new incremental backup to create a synthetic full backup. That seems like a lot of work as far as data handling is concerned.

First you are going to need access to the original full backup. The problem is that this should be stored off site. You could keep it on a disk if you keep your synthetic backups off site.

Second it seems like the backup software has a lot of work to compare the files on the original full backup with the files on the computer to figure out what files to put into the incremental and list all of the files that have been deleted since the original full backup was made. Then it has to assemble this synthetic backup from the original full backup and the incremental, leaving out files that had been deleted since the original full backup was created. That's more work than a normal incremental backup.

I think you would be better off doing the normal full backup every week and incremental backups daily. If you need to speed this up you can get a file server to take the backups. You can then transfer these backup images to tape or whatever media you use to put them off site. You can start transferring completed backups to tape while other machines are still being backed up to the file server.

If that's still not fast enough then you can get additional backup hardware.

This synthetic backup just seems weird and it seems like the backup software has a lot of work to do. The disk to disk backup over a network then followed by transferring the backup image to tape just makes more sense to me.

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by ramuvr In reply to Synthetic Backups

Here is a basic article about your doubt. It came handy for me.

Hope this gives you correct information.
Have a nice day.


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by geekwlover In reply to Synthetic Backups

I recommend you a free backup software - easeus todo backup, it is free both for home and business users. If you don't have special needs, it is enough for you.

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