Sysprep autologin

By 3timestrouble ·
We are currently using Ghost 8.3 and sysprep 2.0. In WIN XP Pro SP2 I am trying to make the system login into a default, non-administrator account after sysprep has run. I have tried using the GUIRunOnce to throw the reg file back in and also tried running a bat from the $OEM$ folder and apparently neither will work b/c sysprep is resetting these reg entries after these options are performed.

Any Ideas?

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Did you log in before you created the Ghost?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Sysprep autologin

Did you log in as the default account before you created the Ghost? Maybe a pre-existing Documents and Settings folder for that account in the image will help.

I admit I'm just slinging out an idea with absolutely no practical experience to back it up.

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It's a registry issue.

by 3timestrouble In reply to Did you log in before you ...

To answer your question: Yes.

It is really a matter of the registry. The info for auto login is kept under the following key:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

The problem is I want something automated added to the image after sysprep has run(b/c sysprep changes these keys back to defaults) to enable autologin permanently for a non-administrator account.

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This might be great for you

by Jesus_C In reply to Sysprep autologin

or poosibly the most stupid thing you've heard but here it goes.If you download tweak ui you can set windows to log in to that user automatically.As i say it might be good for or just plain stupid.

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tweak ui

by Jesus_C In reply to This might be great for y ...

changes the registry setting for you

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After Sysprep

by 3timestrouble In reply to tweak ui

That looks like a great tool and I will have to keep it in mind for some of the other things I do, but the problem I am having is not necessarily modifying the registry. The problem is modifying it after sysprep has altered back to original configuration, and automating the process so I do not have to touch th PC.

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Same Problem

by 18h52 In reply to After Sysprep

found your post and like to ask, if you got any solution? I'm having the same problem?
Thanks for your help.

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by 3timestrouble In reply to Same Problem

First you will need to set your Sysprep file to autoadminlogon 2 times.

Next I finally found a way to make a self deleting batch file sit in the startup of the admin user by having the batch remove the read-only attrib of the folder and then using these 2 lines as the last lines of the batch

shutdown -r

del /q /f c:\documents and settings\administrator\start menu\programs\start up\*.bat

i then wrote a section into the middle of the batch to delete the reg keys for the autologinadmin from the sysprep and add the ones for the account that I want to login.

let me know if you have any other questions and I will try to answer them.

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by 18h52 In reply to Solution

Thanks for your reply and the explantion. After i wrote the question, i also found a solution. More or lesse the same way. Set up sysprep for Autologin 2 times. During the first login i kill the RegKey AutoLogonCount and change the AutoLogon-Keys (User, Passwort) to the parameters of the user i want to login (batch).

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by bergmanc In reply to Solution

My solution was that I added a cmdlines.txt to my sysprep, which executes just before the final reboot after sysprep runs. Cmdlines.txt calls a batch file where I set the autologin and a few other things such as Altiris agent installs and AV installation too.


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