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    Sysprep – hangs on shutdown


    by golee77 ·

    1. Sysprep hangs, even with /forceshutdown. After invoking sysprep, the icons disappear and the blue Windows background remains. I then resort to Ctrl/Alt/Del, I click Task Manager and it then says “Saving Settings” and goes to “Windows is shutting down”, but it hangs here as well. I then power off the Master machine. I then clone, using Ghost, and when the Ghosted machine is booted, Sysprep appears to have worked. I am not comfortable that Sysprep does not run successfully without my intervention. Has anyone seen this ? Info: Windows 2000Pro w/SP1, latest sysprep. Thanks !

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      Sysprep – hangs on shutdown

      by rkelly ·

      In reply to Sysprep – hangs on shutdown

      I’ve seen this problem on some machines as well. It appears to be a power management problem. Quite how you resolve it I’m unsure, but all my ghosted images have worked. Once the disk activity has completed then you can pretty much quarantee that Win2K is not doing any registry updates so you can turn the machine off.

      To fix I suppose you could try upgrading BIOS, making sure that APCI Support is enabled for power management etc. I haven’t actually tried this myself as the images work!

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