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By aaron.semmel ·
Is it not possible for me to set up the login on a linux system to allow a user to remoteley login to this system without useing a password. The proviso is the the linux system the user is loging into knows the user in the password file and the password is the same. The user will be comming from a Solaris box.

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by Gary_W In reply to System accezs

I'm a little rusty but read up on trusted hosts and the rsh (rhosts) commands.

From the hosts.equiv(4) man page:

The remote login and shell servers use an authentication scheme based on
``trusted hosts.'' The /etc/hosts.equiv file contains a list of hosts
that are considered trusted and under the same administrative control.
When an rlogin(1C), rcp(1C), rdist(1C), or rsh(1C) request is received
from a host listed in hosts.equiv and when the targeted user account is
listed in the /etc/passwd file, then the remote access is allowed with no
further checking. In this case, rlogin does not prompt for a password,
and rcp, rdist, and rsh complete successfully. Thus, a remote user with
a local user ID is said to have ``equivalent'' access from a remote host
named in hosts.equiv. Users may expand this "equivalence" of machines by
installing a .rhosts file in their login directory. The root login
bypasses the /etc/hosts.equiv file and uses only root's (typically
/.rhosts) file.


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by averynisbet In reply to System accezs

just use open ssh
put sshd on the linux box and ssh the client should already be installed on the solaris box but you may need to upgrade it just download it from
also ssh is much better than any of the normal unix remote shells like telnet or rsh because it encrypts all the trafic between the two boxes
so someone with packet sniffer can't see your password fly across the internet


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by aaron.semmel In reply to

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