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System Administrator in the Jungle....

By Mp3SpY ·
So I'm the main guy out in the field at a remote location, which I will not disclose. The rest of my team is back home supporting a fraction of the Home base Infrastructure.

I actually just got out of college with an Information Systems Degree. I have about 5.5 years of IT experience. It kinda gets lonely out here not because there are no other bodies out here, but my team is back at headquarters. I have to say I am learning a TON of new stuff. I am exposed to state of the art technology and more and more technology I have wished to get my hands on. Just an FYI, I knew ahead a time I would be throw into the jungle by myself with my team to back me, though my team would not be physically beside me. Its time to be a big boy :)

The infrastructure ranges from Microsoft to Unix applications. Me, (One guy) supports about 2225 + users. I have a team member come down once and a while to help out, but other then that I have been doing very well. Concerns, transparent communication between my team, since there is a bit of physical distance between my team and myself.

Sure, there is email and phone, but when you're at work you can also read body language from your co-workers. I will have to say the job security seems to be very good because the Sys Admin responsibilities/support for this location are in High Demand. I am always busy which I really enjoy.

So what do you guys thing (yes women too) about my work situation. I guess its not a situation its more of the start of my career :) All opinions wanted..Also, Please share your similar experiences....

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That place sounds familular. ?

by dawgit In reply to System Administrator in t ...

Sounds like you landed close to where I've been once. You're gona have fun. ;-) and get more knowlege in less time than any of your 'peers' back at the 'office'. Congratulations, you've joined to the club of the 'clued in' (as opposed to the clueless). Pretty exclusive club I might add. Be glad you've got the chance.

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by uu22_1978 In reply to That place sounds familul ...

Wish i could work in an environment like yours.

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