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    System Analyst Beginner needs help.


    by mike (from canada) ·

    Currently, I am taking Software Engineering in school, and there is this one course that deals with DFD’s, ERD’s, Normalization and things like that. I feel like I am learning very little about this stuff in the course due to lack of details provided by the teacher (thats my opinion). What I know is that DFD means Data Flow Diagram and ERD means Entity Relationship Diagram. The teacher goes through the process of ERD and DFD but not in too much detail.

    This is what I want to know.

    Where can I get FULL details about Normalization in relation to databases?

    Where can I get FULL details about DFD’s?

    Where can I get FULL details about ERD’s?

    WHat I mean by FULL is that your answer or source of information must give the following:

    Examples of Errors
    Examples of Correct answers
    How to do something and why it is done that way

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      System Analyst Beginner needs help.

      by james r linn ·

      In reply to System Analyst Beginner needs help.

      I don’t have any specific titles, but what you want is a book on building relational databases. The purpose of having an ERD or DFD is to deisgn and or explain a complex relationship between multiple tables, schema or databases.

      The way I start adataflow diagram is to simply list all the inputs; data entry screens, reports and/or interfaces from other systems etc., on one side of the page, then list the outputs:reports, export files, interfaces which feed other systems, on the other side ofthe page. Then you have to trace a path of how information flows from one side to the other.

      Its best to start at the high level, like files and reports, and work your way down to the detail level, like individual fields. When doing that, its best to concentrate on whats required for outputs, and eliminate and fields or inputs which don’t impact outputs.

      I’m sure there are books out there which may help.


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      System Analyst Beginner needs help.

      by hypersoniq mcse ·

      In reply to System Analyst Beginner needs help.

      Here are some links I found helpful when I was preparing for my MCDBA certification tests last year…

      Database Normalization

      Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs)

      Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs)

      For more information, go to and enter the search phrases in as many variations as you can imagine.
      I also reccomend any books (Sybex, ExamPrep(coriolis), MS Press) dealing with the Microsoft SQL tests 70-029(SQL7) or 70-229(SQL2000), they are the design level courses that really drive home the concepts of Normalization and use of DFD’s and ERD’s in the design stage, where it counts most.

      Also, a GREAT resource for what seem like off-the-wall terms at first, yet end up being genuine “geekspeak” is trust me on this one.

      Good luck with your studies, but remember.. you can read about stuff all you want, but there is NO substitute for hands-on experience with the product… I used the 90 day eval copy of SQL server 7 from Microsoft’s site to prepare, it was the best training aid, bar none.

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      System Analyst Beginner needs help.

      by mike (from canada) ·

      In reply to System Analyst Beginner needs help.

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