system arbitrally coming out of hibernation

By rodan1 ·
As the title suggest my system comes out of hibernation for no apparent reason. How do I run down the culprit. I'm running windows Vista Business w/McAfee Security Center Ver 9 and System Mechanic Ver 8.02

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See what time the system starts up...

There are many things that can bring your computer out of sleep mode and there are two that you mentioned, Mcafee and System Mechanic.
Now Mcafee has a log file of when it runs tasks. System Mechanic most probably has one also. So check with these two first and see if they have ran that coincides with your mysterious start ups out of hibernation.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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Does the system then connect onto the internet? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to system arbitrally coming ...

It maybe does.

So, the next time that you invoke Hibernation, make sure that you disconnect your link to the internet whether it be ethernet, firewire, lan, nic, usb, whatever. DISCONNECT the cable from the PC.

The next time the system 'wakes up', its attempt to connect with the internet will fail. Whichever program is the culprit, this failure should hopefully be recorded in Windows standard Event Viewer.

If the culprit IS a dialler virus you could do worse than to use X-Clean to hunt it down. Try the free fully-featured 30-day trial download from here:


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