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System Backups and Abrupt Shutdowns of Server

By xcode ·
Hello people,

My question is regarding back-ups and Volume shadow copy service.

Every night at scheduled time, the back-up tasks are executed on my Server 2003 DC (20 XP Clients), and usually after 30-45 minutes when the back-ups are over, the server shuts downs with no logs.

Then next day, I start the server and the system log tells me of event id as 6008 (well, next to vague).

I have checked the possible reasons that I could gather thru the events that happened just before the shut down but not of much use to this problem.

Your opinion n experiences are welcome.


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by xcode In reply to System Backups and Abrupt ...

I have found that while taking back-up of System State, the shutdowns have appeared regularly.

Would anyone plz give in your opinions as to what should be done to prevent server shutdowns after system state back-up?

Thanks for your efforts.

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Remove Services

by curlergirl In reply to Anyone?

from your System State Backup if possible. Depending on what backup software you are using, under the System State backup portion, you may be able to see two separate items. One will be something like "system" or "registry" and the other will be "services". Remove the "services" side from your selection and see if that helps. I've had the same problem using both Arcserve and Backup Exec, both of which allow you to specify which parts of the system state to back up.

Hope this helps!

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by xcode In reply to Remove Services

is used to schedule back-ups. Am not using any third-party tools for back-ups. System State thus includes Bootfiles, COM+, Registry.

This back-up would run every night and stop midway without completing, and shutting down the DC. The Event ID generated is 6008. As far as I understand, the Volume Shadow Copy Service is creating problems.
I believe during back-up, some file is still locked up by the system, and hence Shadow service is unable to complete the back-up. But why does the DC shut down is absolutely unclear.

Your suggestions are Welcome.

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Did a little looking

by X-MarCap In reply to ntbackup

It seems to me that you are backing up a windows server that still has some activity.

1. Get a good archive product. Veritas/legato/EDM or other enterprise quality tape backup software. There will be no problem with backups if you pick the right agents...

2. Use it frequently.

3. Forget the free stuff, as it is probably worth waht you pay for it.

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