System beep with temporary pause

By ammani5 ·
I have an Abit SG-80 motherboard with a P4 524 CPU. For the last week I have been getting a random beep coming from the internal speaker during use. When it beeps, the system pauses for a second or two. Sometime it will do two or three times, sometimes just once. Can this be caused by my CPU getting too hot? BIOS states it is running about 73?C. I reloaded everything thinking it may be software related but I guess not. Any ideas?

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It is probably heat related

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to System beep with temporar ...

You can look in BIOS to see what heat the Alarms Trigger. Just remember that these cover the actual Heat of the CPU, Inside the case and Fan Speeds.

You should also open the case and clean it out pay particular attention to the Heatsinks on the CPU and Video Card and blow them out with Canned Air. Just prevent the Fans from Spinning as they generate Electricity and can damage the M'Board.

Also make sure that the fans spin freely as they could be getting tight and need replacing. You also need to check the Fan in the Power Supply as these can fail and allow the Power Supply to overheat and then die. Unfortunately when this happens quite often the M'Board and or CPU gets hit with a Voltage Spike and gets damaged as well. it's much easier to replace the Power Supply before things like this happen.

Edited to add OH look here for the Meaning of the BIOS Beeps Codes

This M'Board should have Award BIOS so look there for the correct sequence of Beeps to see what they mean.


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Listen to OH Smeg. A.S.A.P.

by 1bn0 In reply to It is probably heat relat ...

Heat damage can be cumulative.

Every time it overheats a liitle more permanent damage is done until you have a catastrophic failure. At that point you have to replace everything as you don;'t know what is damaged and what us not.

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Or it could be FreeRam XP Pro

by OneRing2Rule In reply to System beep with temporar ...

Was pulling my hair out. Figured out what it was. It was FreeRam XP Pro. Uninstalled that bad boy and Voila! No more hangs and beeps.


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