system boot problem

By fabriciolush ·
my PC doesn't boot.
when it's perform the Post process
I can get this beeps : 5-2-2-1
I thing is a memory problem but when I start the PC without RAM a get a differnt beep :
Need your assistance in this issue.

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POST Codes

by TheChas In reply to system boot problem

POST codes are BIOS specific.

At a minimum, you need to add a post with the BIOS manufactures name.

A full hardware description of the system would be even better.


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Boot up problem !!!!

by fabriciolush In reply to POST Codes

I have the problem identifying the Bois Manufacture so far the PC could not even come on by the time I get the PC from my customer.
The PC is a Dell PIII

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As Chas has said already we need the Make & Model of the System

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Boot up problem !!!!

Just saying a Dell P3 covers hundreds of different models with all different hardware fitted. Without the Model Number & Serial Number both of which should be on the case it's impossible to say what's happening here.

If the system isn't starting I suggest you try a Known Good PS and see if it works then and if it doesn't I would be looking at the M'Board as the prime suspect.


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Which PIII

by TheChas In reply to Boot up problem !!!!

Dell made a lot of different Pentium III computers. We need the specific model of the PC to provide correct answers.

As to the BIOS type, open the case and look at the BIOS Flash ROM. There should be a sticker on it that identifies the primary BIOS code. Award, Phoenix, etc.

While you have the case open, clean the dust out and then remove and reseat all memory modules, plug-in cards, and connectors.

Near the CPU itself, look for any sign of burnt or bulging components.

Try booting up with the case open, and make sure that the fans are working.

You can also try booting up with the drive data cables disconnected.


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As the others said

by Kiltie In reply to system boot problem

the beep codes are BIOS and motherboard specific.

One of the two codes (1-2-3) indicates a motherboard problem, the other (5-2-2-1) is unknown, until we know the BIOS.

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