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System boots to Safe Mode

By dmiles ·
A customer brought in computer,stated that over the past week that computer would be on and just shut down,then stated that computer would not boot at all.

Upon troubleshooting I selected to change out the power supply first,voila the system would boot up at least,while booting it gets to the startup screen,then restarts in safe mode automatically,cannot get system to load the operating system.
Any restart will atomatically send you to safe mode,choosing the option to boot system normal and the system will shutdown

The system has 2 hard drives and cd/rw and cd rom
configuration of cd/rw and cd will not show up on secondary channel what could be the problem?

P4 w/ECS motherboard
1 module 512 ddr and 1 module 128 ddr

Thanks in Advance for any Help

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by w2ktechman In reply to System boots to Safe Mode

First, have you checked the boot.ini?
Second, could it be trying to come up from a hibernation file that became corrupt?
Third, have you tried running a Windows repair?
Fourth, check all startup programs, and backup the registry, and disable what is not needed (from safe mode). Scan for viri, malware, spyware. try booting normally.
Fifth, while in safe mode, try changing the video settings. The PS may have blown out part of the video card. Maybe it reboots itself when it blue screens on a video command.
Sixth, In safe mode, uncheck "reboot on errors", to see if it is blue screening, and if it is, what the error is

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by dmiles In reply to

After changing the power supply and getting the computer to boot,the boot to safe mode came up even when reloading OS would not load,at the point of giving up took out the video card and system booted up.Apperently the agp card was loose in the slot.System is back up

Thanks to all for your help

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by wcp In reply to System boots to Safe Mode

I think Event Viewer ? System should give you a definite clue on what program(s) or service(s) might be the cause(s).

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by wcp In reply to

CD-RW and CD-ROM not showing on the Secondary Channel typically happens when the front USB cable was connected incorrectly or due to incorrect jumper setting. Unplug USB cable or check the jumper setting. Try different IDE cable too.

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by dmiles In reply to

In this case the second part of the problem was corrected by replacing the cable,both devices shows up
See above for solution

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to System boots to Safe Mode

First download a copy of The Ultimate Boot CD and do some diagnostics, pay particular attention to any M'Board tests as I've run into a lot of problems with ECS M'Boards.

If the M'Board passes all tests and you find that you do not have a RAM problem I would still remove the smaller stick of RAM and see what if anything happens.

If you can't get the unit to Boot from the CD you'll need to disconnect one of the Optical Drives and try again.

You could also try a Repair Install of Windows as when PS's go out of spec they can do all sorts of funny things and corrupt various files or in a worst case scenario delete the MBR's on every HDD in the system this happens when the +5VDC rail goes low quite often. It also wouldn't hurt to change the CMOS Battery as well.


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by dmiles In reply to

The ultimate boot disk did not work but other info you provided gave me leads of what the problem may have been,see first comments for the solution

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by CG IT In reply to System boots to Safe Mode

try setting the BIOS to factory defaults, take everything out but the bootable HDD and only 1 of the memory modules. Go from there.

Might be that he got the PC with 128MB in there and went out and bought 512MB but what he bought isn't the same as the 128MB that originally came with the comp.

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by dmiles In reply to

You deserve points for hte suggestion of removing hardware to which you can tell from the solution posted in the comments above.

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by dmiles In reply to System boots to Safe Mode

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