System Build

By dmiles ·
I have recently built a new system,sfter putting all the parts togeather,it will not bootI press the switch and nothing,no fans spinning, hard drive,no beeps even when the memory is taken out. This board is all SATA,No IDE/PATA
System Build

Intel DP45SG Extreme MB
E7500 Core2 Duo
Corsair DDR3 XMS 4 GB
eVGA GeForce 9800 GT/PCI
CoolMaster 550w Power Supply

Any ideas why this sysem will not boot will be appreciated

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Turn the switch on on the power supply.

by Ron K. In reply to System Build

Then press the front switch. Don't think me harsh. I had a brain fart like that once.

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Power Switch

by dmiles In reply to Turn the switch on on the ...

checked on that and it was not the problem
Intel Tech had me RMA the board

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I would suggest that you get a bigger PSU..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to System Build

1) Your power supply unit is too small.
2) Start with just one stick of memory in the slot first to settle the BIOS (that is if you are putting in two lots of memory sticks).
3) Update the BIOS before anything else.
4) Check (and double check) ALL cables to make sure they are located to the correct pins and slots.
Post back if all works or not.

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by dmiles In reply to I would suggest that you ...

Checked the specs and PS was okay
Tried to boot with no memory then one stick and did not get a beep
Could not get system to boot,nothing would post
Checked all cables,after trying all troubleshooting and going over the process with Intel tech,he just RMA the board
Waiting on MB to get back now

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recheck what pins the power button connects to on the motherboard

by CG IT In reply to System Build

I've done that. Thought I had the cable on the right header pins and found out I put them on the wrong pins.

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by dmiles In reply to recheck what pins the pow ...

Rechecked the pins on the front panel header and they seem to be okay,the board is RMA

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Check and Re-check

by TheChas In reply to System Build

I know I am not telling you anything that you do not know, but check and recheck all connections and mountings.

Check the setting of the clear CMOS jumper. Many systems will not POST when the jumper is set to clear.

Make sure that there is not a support post that is touching the motherboard.

I did not check the specs on the motherboard. Does it have on-board graphics?

If so, remove the video card and see if the system POSTS with just the on board graphics.

If the board has PCIe slots, it may not recognize a PCI video card.

I would also double check the voltage switch on the power supply. And, make sure you have all the correct axillary power connections made.

After checking all the obvious stuff, I start with the power supply. Either swap in a different supply, or plug a test plug onto this supply.

Then come choices on swapping out other components. Usually based on what I have on hand that is compatible.


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Troubleshoooting Suggestions

by dmiles In reply to Check and Re-check

Thought I might solicit a reply from you,I checked and rechecked all the installation processes
This was was a high end brd
Assembled all the parts one at a time and when finished it would not even boot,no fans,hard drive,nothing reset the graphics brd,memory(no beeps when mem was taken out) and checked all connections,called Intel and the tech asked a few questions and finally gave me an RMA number
Now I am waiting on the board to get back,hopefully I have not gotten a board that I can't outwit,this is a first.
Thanks anyway and will post results when appropiate.

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Post back when you get the new board....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Troubleshoooting Suggesti ...

We would like to know what went wrong with the old board.
Nice to know you are getting a new one. :)

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Tech Support

by TheChas In reply to Troubleshoooting Suggesti ...

I'm with you. I like to be sure I have covered all of the basics before I call tech support.

While a bad motherboard is rare, they do still happen.


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