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By kerishunlimited ·
My question is, I have a Motherboard with a System Bus of 800MHz and I was wandering if a processor with a system bus of 1600MHz would work in my Motherboard.

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Probably Not

by TheChas In reply to System Bus

Most likely, the newer faster processor will not work with your motherboard.

The best thing to do, is check with the motherboard or system manufacture to verify what processors the motherboard supports.


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Thank you, but i have one more question.

by kerishunlimited In reply to Probably Not

Do you know if a 1600MHz processor can be ran on a 800MHz system bus Motherboard? I checked my motherboard's website and they said it supports "AMD 64 architechure that enables simultaneous 32-bit and 64-bit computing." I'm not too sure if that means yes I can use a 1600MHz system bus processor or no I can't.

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If you care to list the M'Board Make & Model

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thank you, but i have one ...

It would be much easier to answer this. However AMD 64 architechure that enables simultaneous 32-bit and 64-bit computing doesn't mean that you can use a 1600 MHZ CPU on a 800 MHZ M'Board.

The M'Board makers web site should have a list of supported CPU's for that M'Board. If you use one of these it's going to work properly.


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here is the make and model

by kerishunlimited In reply to If you care to list the M ...

Make: ASUS
Model: K8V SE Deluxe

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Firstly the list of Supported CPU's is here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to here is the make and mode ...

What this shows is that you need a Socket 754 CPU Package with a Max Speed CPU of Athlon 64 3700.


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Go By the List

by TheChas In reply to Thank you, but i have one ...

The list that Hal provided the link to allows you to enter the socket type (754) and then select your motherboard. Then, it lists all of the compatible processors and what BIOS version supports that CPU.

The BIOS revision is critical here. If your motherboard has an older version of the BIOS then you will need to update (Flash) your BIOS to support the processor.

Just a word of caution here, many a motherboard has gone to the scrap heap because of a bad flash. Proceed with caution and follow ALL instructions provided by Asus for the flash process.

As a side note, some motherboards do run the FSB at 1/2 of the CPU FSB.

And, a final note, in a quick search of my trusted computer parts vendors, I only found 2 socket 754 CPUs. Make sure the CPU you are looking at is a socket 754 and has the correct AMD part number for the supported CPU.


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