system can't be found after removing media

By arnonhubara ·
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i'm writing on behalf of a young gamer friend. he installed a kingston a2000 500gb ssd on his asus prime b350 plus motherboard. his intention was to install the system. windows 10 on the ssd in question. the problem occurred when he is removing the media. then nothing works anymore. what can be the problem?
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Re: media

by kbtr1 Moderator In reply to system can't be found aft ...

- He intended to install. But did he?
- He removes the media? What media and when does he remove it?
- What exactly is "nothing works"?
- Does it works if he inserts this mysterious media?

Just in case you mean the Windows 10 install DVD or stick, and he removes it after being asked before the first automatic reboot in the install process, it seems something went wrong during the phase before that reboot.
See if he can boot into the recovery console or into a Linux medium to have a look at what's on the SSD. There should be a bootable partition with some form of Windows. Also let him check the BIOS if it's set to boot from that SSD.
The exact problem, and the cause, are impossible to determine from your post.

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answer to kbtr1

by arnonhubara In reply to system can't be found aft ...

he installed it from a disc on key. after he removes it there is no installation to be found.

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That's strange.

by kbtr1 Moderator In reply to answer to kbtr1

There is no installation to be found on the initially empty ssd. What's found in stead? Like:
- nothing at all, not even a partition
- at least one partition, but no partition is set as bootable
- a bootable partition without files
or …

If you can find a partition with a folder, what's the creation date of the folder? And what contents does it have?
Boot into Linux or the recovery console to check.

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