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    System Commander2000 Vs Partition Magic,


    by muralis_9 ·

    Currently,I have a system with,98 installed with free space of 10GBin C:.I need to install NT.
    Ihave read that NT has to be installed on the first 2GB. Also you have to create a new primary partition.What is the optimum way of resizing the partition.Which is a better software to use, SC2000 or Partition Magic 5.
    Reply will be greatly appreciated

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      PM5 Vs. SC200

      by byron.woodson ·

      In reply to System Commander2000 Vs Partition Magic,

      Use Partition Magic to hide your current active partition, create a new primary partition to install NT.

      Install NT
      Install SC2000

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        Partition Magic vs System Commander

        by charleslloyd ·

        In reply to PM5 Vs. SC200

        I have used both but like Partition Magic best. It allows moving partitions easily. I have used it with DOS, W95, W98, NT 4.0 so far and it’s great. But note, Partition Magic seems to operate best from a DOS partition OR it can be run from a diskette which gives great flexibility. I installed on a 20 Gb HD running W98, then moved the partition so that first 2 Gb was open, then installed NT 4.0 there. Also allows converting DOS to NTFS for NT.

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