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By reginaldbowden2002 ·
How to remove unwanted startup Items, from the System Configuration Utility. And what are some of the basic ones to keep?

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by pierrejamme In reply to System Configuration Util ...

Remove them all, won't hurt a thing. Add back one at a time what you cannot live without. If you have XP, click on the "Services" tab and check the box Hide Microsoft Services and uncheck all the others also.
Good Luck,

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by cglrcng In reply to System Configuration Util ...

Go to; www.easydesksoftware , pick up a trial copy of Perfect Companion for Win98, 98SE, or ME, or, NT Perfect Companion for NT, 2000, or Win XP. (this program is time limited-it expires unless a key is purchased so use it within a few days of install and consider purchasing if you like it). I am not affilliated w/ them @ all, just like the Windows Registry Utilities there.

Install it, and run it using the Startup Folder Option. It will ask if you wish to keep each item or delete the start up option for each item in the startup folder. I use the complete Start Up list from Pacs-Portal (, to help decide myself (see their key @ the bottom of first page), along w/ what I know I want to start w/ Windows based on my own experiences. Then simply restart the computer.

I also usually run through it one time w/ no changes made (just keep them all), and compare the list I write down w/ the actual list in MSCONFIG on the Startup tab. Not unusual to find a blank entry once in a while using Perfect Companion (not blank, just white font on white, there is a stealth program running there), that actually doesn't show in MSCONFIG either. Usually it is a spyware/adware item @ the bottom of the list in MSCONFIG that is there, but you can't see because it is a white font on white background item. But Perfect Companion finds it and I always delete it. (Personally think it's associated w/ AOL Instant Messenger as it usually arrives w/ the install of AIM).

Good Luck.

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