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System Crash and Reboot

By stevecmitch ·
My system crashes and reboots almost every time I use it. If I'm playing music, I get the stutter, then crash and reboot. I may have Real Audio open and a window or two surfing the net. I've doubled my memory to 1024 and have plenty of space on my harddrive.

I have XP Pro w/o SP2 (because it won't install-says it can't validate product key). I have XP Home I want to install since I think my problem is a corrupt XP Pro or possibly a pirated one.

Is it possible to convert from Pro to Home and do I have a correct assertion that its a bad XP Pro that's causing the crash?

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by pierrejamme In reply to System Crash and Reboot

Open Control Panel, click on Help and answer the question: "Do I have a Legal Copy of Windows?"
If you have an XP Pro CD it is far superior to Home so stick with that.
Make sure you don't have a virus and are SpyWare free.
You might also take out any PCI card you don't need to boot with, leave the side off (for cooling) and see what happens. You could have one or two of numerous problems:
tons of spyware
bad piece of hardware
cooling problem
insufficient power supply.

Report back with more pertinent information after you check the legality of your OS.

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by gbrownlee In reply to System Crash and Reboot

If you want to use xp home on this computer and don't have a boot floppy with fdisk,insert the xp home cd into your cd drive and follow the prompts to install. Be sure to reformat your drive before the actual installation process begins.


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by Sue T In reply to System Crash and Reboot

No, you cannot convert from XP Pro to XP Home. A couple of thoughts. Have you recently installed any new hardware or software? If so, that might be the cause of your system crashes. Why don't you set your computer to not automatically restart after a crash and then you should get a blue screen that will give you some information and that might possibly lead you to the cause of your problem. Also, you said you added to your memory, did you replace the memory you had? If not, try taking that memory out and using your computer and see if the system crashes continue or not.

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by degnan In reply to System Crash and Reboot

You may be getting a bsod, but it won't be up long enough to read (or possibly even notice). If you go to properties for My Computer, then on the advanced tab, click on startup and recovery settings button. Uncheck "Automatically restart" under System Failure. This will leave a bsod up so you can copy down the error codes, then type the exact error into google (or post back here) to find a solution.

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by AcesKaraoke In reply to System Crash and Reboot

Has your system always crashed or is this new? If it's new then I would be unlikely to blame bad XP Pro.

If you can get Spybot Search and Destroy and Ad-aware installed and run them to check for spyware overload. Had a similar problem with XP before installing and running those, though mine only ran slow it didn't reboot.

See if this helps, if you're still experiencing trouble check Control Panel-> System-> Hardware-> Device Manager. Make sure all your hardware is functioning properly, it's possible that there is a conflict in hardware or driver.

You mentioned that you've doubled your RAM, is it all the same speed and right for your motherboard. Check manufacturer specs as not all motherboards or memory chips are created equal.

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