System Data Backups

By ahunnicutt80 ·
We are a small law firm currently using a nightly tape and online backup (for redundancy). For our tapes, we are backing up around 800 GB and have a two week rotation on the tapes. We also keep one year end backup tape off site for each year. I'm curious to see what other backup methods you're using.

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Off-site only once a year?

by oldbaritone In reply to System Data Backups

I'd strongly suggest taking backups off-site more often than that. Fire safes do not protect computer media. They're designed for paper, not plastic, and they're not waterproof.

Remember, you may lose everything since your most-recent backup in the event of a disaster, so that might be up to an entire year if all of the on-site backups are damaged during a disaster.

Perhaps a senior partner could take home the one-week-old backup when the tapes are rotated, and exchange them once a week so that your protection is more recent.

Also, it might not be a bad idea to have a set of "Monthly" full-backup tapes as part of the rotation, archived for a year.

If (God forbid) you get a virus or a disgruntled employee, it might take more than a week or two to discover it. With your present rotation, you only have a year-end backup and a two-week rotation. That might not be enough.

Also, do you have a "spare" computer that you can verify the restore process? That should be done occasionally, too. You don't want to find out that the tapes you have are no good when you need them most.

Good luck, counselor!

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online backups

by mafergus In reply to System Data Backups

Are they being saved locally or via the cloud? One major factor to look at is regulatory requirements. I would also look at your comfort factor in the event you do have an emergency. Backups are important, but they only matter if they are part of some type of Disaster recovery plan.

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