System Disk migration - FIXED and CLOSED

By n.bowles ·
Thanks to jjarzabek for a brilliant recco.


Hi all, I am having a running battle with the powers that be XP Pro.
Simple task -
Having purchased an Xtreme PF22 logic board I find only one IDE channel on board. With a 230Gb IDE drive all loaded and running system (C:) I need to free the IDE channel up. I have installed two new SATA disks and created them as a mirrored pair with the Intel RAID controller driver software (H:)
All I want to do is move the data to the new mirrored pair and remove the current system disk, and then use the old IDE connection for a second DVD writer.
Simple solution -
Mmmm ... it's eluding me, please help.

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Why migrate?

by zlitocook In reply to System Disk migration - F ...

Just install XP on the Sata drive and pull what ever you need off the IDE drive. You could add a IDE card that will let you add extra drives.

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by Espionage In reply to System Disk migration - F ...

i've got your problem, so you need to transfer the old system to the new mirrored pait of sata drives, the best way would be to use migrate easy, it can help you to transfer the whole system when you change HD, or if you change not only the drive it's worth to use snap deploy, coz with it's help you can restore imaged system on the new system without any probs.

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Food for thought ...

by n.bowles In reply to migrate

I will have a look at Migrate Easy ...

Re installing is the last thing I want to resort to ... I have many bespoke apps that took ages to get settled and functioning.

Cheers for the replys

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by 3xp3rt In reply to System Disk migration - F ...
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Here's you answer...

by jjarzabek In reply to System Disk migration - F ...

Use Acronis True Image...we have used several utilities in the past but ever since XP SP2 and some other changes we did here using AD GPO's our old utilities like ghost, powerquest drive image, etc. stopped working.

Acronis True Image works perfectly. You can get a free download of it for 30 days if this is a one time only thing. We are looking into it for enterprise licensing now for disk imaging and backup of remote systems...

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by n.bowles In reply to Here's you answer...

Will download and give it a go ...

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You're welcome

by jjarzabek In reply to thanks

Normally, I wouldn't plug a product but their's has worked countless times for us in the recent 12 months where no other would. We've had good luck with it and hopefully you will too!

Keep us posted.

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Great recco ...

by n.bowles In reply to You're welcome

I know what you mean about plugging a product.

BUT ..

Easy download, great instructions, simple software ... a couple of selections, a reboot, unplug the old disk and I'm now running on RAID.

Probably replace my backup software with this now.

Cheers again

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Need RAID controller driver

by bcpgm In reply to System Disk migration - F ...

I?m not sure of Acronis whether it supports RAID 1 or not but Norton Ghost 2003 does.

The ghosted SATA will NOT boot to Windows because the RAID controller was not installed when Windows first installed.

You have to reinstall (repair or in-place upgrade) Windows.
Refer to How to perform an in-place upgrade (reinstallation) of Windows XP
Use Method 2. Make sure hit F6 and install RAID controller driver.

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Forget the colon

by bcpgm In reply to Need RAID controller driv ...

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