System error 53 - The network path not found?

By savedad ·
I've read and re-read every post I can find on this matter....
3 servers - 2 Windows Server 2003 (SP 2)
1 Server 2008

#1 2003 Server AD - Master
#2 2003 Server has ad installed
#3 2008 server - Member of domain - for exchange 2010

I've been moving the documentation files from server 1 to server 2.
Copied the share properties to the new folders.
Edited the scripts to show new server
The 1st 3 net use lines return a "system Error 53 - The network path is not found"
The last net use line returns and maps accordingly.

I can ping, explore and even manually map a drive to the appropriate folder...

I have checked all share settings, firewall etc...
Since all I did was relocate the folders, literally nothing else was done

This getting very frustrating!

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Error 53, either accidentally or on purpose, points to port 53, DNS

by robo_dev In reply to System error 53 - The net ...

Although not a long term solution, but you might try adding the computer's IP addresses and Names into the HOSTS and LMHOSTS files.

Most likely the problem is that you have stale DNS entries, so do a:

ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns

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