system failure

By sebrata ·
i connected an external hard drive which freezed the computer. later the input devices connected failed to function. when the system unit was connected to a different monitor, it booted alright but left a blue screen.

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You'll have to help us more here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to system failure

What type of External HDD?

What type of computer was it connected to?

Is the computer running some form of Windows or another Operating System?

If it's a 2.5 Inch HDD does it have a Y USB Cable that is one with 2 USB Plugs that plug into the Computer?

If it does the one on the end of the lead is a Power Only Plug and the one in the middle of the lead is a Power & Data Plug. With these type of HDD you need to plug in Both Plugs to different USB Sockets on the M'Board not a USB Hub.

If you must use a USB Hub you need to use a Powered USB Hub that is one with a separate Power Pack which plugs into the Electricity Mains or a Plug Pack which plugs into the HDD Enclosure.

Most of the problems associated like this are related to a lack of Power being available from the computer through the USB Ports.

External 2.5 inch HDD run on 5 V DC but require most times more than the 500 Milliamps available from a USB Socket. This is the Standard set for Current through USB Ports but depending on who made the computer and particularly with NB Computers there is not 500 Milliamps available at the USB Ports this is to save battery power and extend the life of the NB on Battery.

External 3.5 Inch drives require 12 V DC to run and this is not available from any USB Port so they need a Plug Pack plugged into the Mains to provide power for these drives.

This can however sometimes happen with Desktop Systems as well here it all depends on how heavily used the Power Supply is in the system.


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