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    System Freeze


    by shortshaft ·

    Background:- Machine with fresh WIN XP install. Latest SP’s etc. CPU Cooling is fine.

    Problem. I xcan use the machine quiter happily for some time – browsing the web, running local apps etc. However it locks up without warning and completely freezes. Ctrl-Alt-Del has no effect. Onlt answer is to reset.

    When this happens seems to be when performing a download. This download could be anything from a toolbar update to a specific file. The machine will typically freeze the moment the download starts.

    Any ideas?

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      by dmiles ·

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      Random locking is usually memory or perhaps virus – random rebooting is usually memory, PSU or virus/some other nasty. Download and try the M$ free memory testing utility. Sometimes it catches conditions that Memtest misses. And use all the free on-line virus checkers (Pandasoft, trendmicro, etc. – and spyware/adware testers/cleaners (Spybot S&D, adaware, etc.).

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      Reply To: System Freeze

      by sgt_shultz ·

      In reply to System Freeze

      this is pretty far fetched but do you have norton antivirus on there and have you manually run LiveUpdate on it repeatedly until it informs you it is up to date.
      this does sound like spyware or a virus if truly reproduced by downloading something…
      otherwise i don’t know how i would troubleshott this except maybe i’m hauling big files around thru the nic on the thing while i am looking in the event log and if spyware and virus protection in place on the box i am thinking hardware. i run defrag while i look around for a video card and a nic to put in there so it looks like i am doing something. (video memory, like dmiles said)
      but it seems too far fetched to me. i getting ready to bet a quarter not reproducible by downloading, say, adaware se personal from
      i am wondering if you have missed any clues by watching the screen carefully at boot up and at freeze time.
      you have firewall up and exceptions allowed?

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