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System FREEZE in fresh install of VISTA

By GraphTex ·
I cannot seem to get this system to stop freezing. Only after 5 minutes upon initial boot does VISTA freeze and hang indefinitely. And it does so in 5 minutes like clockwork.

Now I swapped out the RAM, Power Supply, disconnected cd and dvd drives, and defaulted the BIOS settings and then disabled everything like onboard audio/video/game port/midi. I even monitored the CPU temp and its steady at 100-102 degrees F and MB Temp of 95 degrees F.

I tried several drivers for the Video Card 10.2, 10.3, 10.4 all hotfixes for this card. Besides this and Catalyst MEdia Center there is no other software loaded up.

Here are the specs; ASUS P4S800-MX with a 3.20 GHz Intel, 2GIG Rendition DDR400, ATI Radeon HD4670 AGP and TVWonder 650 PCI.

I would greatly appreciate any help, Thanks

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by oldbaritone In reply to System FREEZE in fresh in ...

If you reboot it while it's already warm, is it still exactly 5 minutes before lock-up, or more or less time?

Does it work to boot in safe mode and keep running, or does safe mode lock up in 5 minutes also?

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by GraphTex In reply to Hmmm...

always 5 minutes before lock-up and it does boot into safe mode. I just unloaded the ATI Drivers for the Video Card and it doesn't lock up then, I have tried every ATI driver even what HIS has on their site for the Radeon HD4670 IceQ AGP 1GB. I'm gonna try the one on CD next, this should be fun.......

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A couple of things

by maxwell edison In reply to System FREEZE in fresh in ...

Try a different DVD drive for the install.

Or install it on a new hard drive.

P.S. Or the DVD disk itself could be bad.

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boldly going on.......

by GraphTex In reply to A couple of things

Tried already different DVD Drive and this is the second hard drive I have used... It's gotta be the Video Drivers and the HD Audio for the HDMI......

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