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    System Freeze or is it the video card or


    by jdam4921 ·

    I client downloaded game. Now when he tries to access the game system system freezes up and has to be rebooted. Should I purchase a new video card. Everything else works just fine. AOL other softwares ect. What could be the problem. system is running Windows XP some type or several types of resolution is needed. Your opinion counts

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      System Freeze or is it the video card or

      by thechas ·

      In reply to System Freeze or is it the video card or

      I can think of 2 possibilities here:

      The game needs a better graphics system than what is on the PC.
      If so, then yes, it needs a new video card.

      Most PCs with on-board video do not have enough graphics horse-power to run games.

      The other idea, is that the game is an older game and you need to run it in compatibility mode.

      Without details on the PC hardware and the specific game, it is hard to give you a better answer.

      A third thought; how close to the minimum requirements for XPis the system hardware?
      I normally recommend not installing ANY OS on a system that is not at least 2X the minimum hardware in ALL areas.

      For XP with games, my bare minimum would be:
      500 MHz CPU
      256MB of RAM
      2GB free hard drive space (with ALL software installed)
      16MB AGP graphics


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