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system idle process

By Italian_Job ·
Why does windows 2000 system idle process peak consistently at 97-99% of the cpu? How do you get it to go down so that files can be transferred from server to server in windows explorer or basic server administrative duties can be performed?

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system idle process

by XpertDragon In reply to system idle process

System Idel process peaking at 97-99% is really nothing to worry is quite normal. Think of it as a reserver process, especially on a NT or 2000 server. As other processes are initiated, started, or started on login, you will see the system idle process decrease and it will no longer be at the top of your process list sometimes. This is also normal as proceses both background and foreground applications use up that processing allocation.

If you search Microsoft knowledge base articles for the behavior, it will explain about the same basic concept. Some people have always thought this was a memory leak or a sign of a virus being present.

Paul M. Chavez

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