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System in a restart loop

By elreed ·
I am working on a friends computer and I am at wits end. In the upper left portion of the screen as message window says updating TCP/Ip(too fast for me to get the complete message), then an information window pops up that says" The network adaptor files have been installed. Click ok to restart your computer". you click ok an the system starts to reboot. It will do this over and over again until you get tired of clicking the ok. I have been using safe start but not having much luck. network settings and modem was deleted, so before I can attempt to redefine the network settings(dial up) I need the computer to start windows. please Help

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by ReWrite In reply to System in a restart loop

It sounds like the drivers are not being installed properly. This can be caused by a damaged registry, a virus or incorrect drivers.

To test the registry you can use the scanreg utility in dos. Boot from a bootup disk and go to c:\windows\command. Type "scanreg /fix" (no quotes). Try and boot into windows again. If that doesn't work you can try and use the restore option of scanreg. Type "scanreg /restore". You will get an option to restore the registry from any backups that are available on your system.

If the above don't work scan the pc for viruses. If you don't have a dos virus scanner you can get one from F-Prot for free. The current version is 315b (I think).

If none of the above work, then try installing win98 over the top of itself. Boot from a bootup disk and go to the win98 directory on the cd. Type "setu" and proceed. This will retain the current progam settings. Do not boot from the cd and run the install or it will replace you existing windows setup.



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by mikex In reply to System in a restart loop

replace the Boot sector of the hard drive

under dos type: sys c

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by elreed In reply to

this just kept telling me wrong version of DOS.. Thanks anyway

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by Blackcurrant In reply to System in a restart loop


Are you setting up TCP/IP? Have you tried to remove the TCP/IP entry in networking in Safe Mode and then rebooted the computer?

Also, in safe mode look for a file named wininit.ini and rename it to wininit.old

The wininit.ini file is created by any process that needs to complete after a reboot, and contains instructions on how to complete the installation/unistall. Sometimes this file can be corrupted, and may cause the behaviour you are seeing.

Good luck

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by elreed In reply to

Yes, I am attempting to get tcp/ip setup but whatever I try to set up, say the protocol, i click the add button and nothing happens, matter of fact it doesnt seem to matter which one i pick, i click add and zip, nothing..

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by mikex In reply to System in a restart loop

If you're on XP you'll need to use NTFS Dos 5.0

And the replacing of the MRB is a little different

check fdisk options - as i think it was something like that:

fdisk /MBR

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by aquaris In reply to System in a restart loop

Just curious how are your trying to install the
TCP/IP protocol...?

whenever My Network Adaptor ( not to be confused with the NIC Card or Modem ) gets corrupted..
I go to control Panel...
then click the Network icon..
Delete the Old Network Adaptor...
then Click the Add button...
and then go from there...that is..
Selecting appropriately I go along...
etc....Like Selecting the Microsoft ....then TCP/ip....etc..etc...

....If this is not working....that is you are already trying this...and its not working ..
then I think.... a re-install is the easy way out..and less time consuming then ..trying to trouble shoot the corrupt file...

...hope it helps...

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