System intermittently rebooting at startup and constantly with F8 option!

By matthew.leggett ·
Hello everyone! I've been having this problem with my PC for pretty much its entire life. When i start up the PC each morning, the POST screen does its checks OK, proceeds to check my stripped RAID (HEALTHY) and then checks for all other devices OK. Now the IRQ table is displayed, boot from CD passes, now the screen goes black... Sometimes the vista splash screen comes up and all is OK, but often the system restarts. It generally only does this once or twice before loading into windows sucessfully. - This i can deal with.

Now i have had a recent problem, which i have solved, but i had intended to use safe mode, now when i press F8 any number of times, must have attempted ten times in a row, it causes the system to reboot at the same point!

Whats going on? I have run the startup repair off the vista DVD and says there are no problems, have also run the memory diagnostic tool to ensure it wasn't my RAM.

A bit stuck now to be honest, any help much appreciated! Any further infor required, just ask!

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My opinion would be....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to System intermittently reb ...

It sounds as if the power supply isn't strong enough to spin the hard drive up to speed right away. Either that, or the HDD is going bad, taking too long and too much juice to spin up to speed.

A reboot keeps the power on and eventually gets the drive up to speed so it can be read.

If it were me, I would replace the power supply with a larger/stronger one and see if that doesn't help. Also keep in mind that after having been dealing with the problem for 'its entire life', you may have already done enough damage to the HDD to necessitate replacing it as well.

Keep in mind, the key word here is intermittent. If the system files were corrupt, it would happen every time.

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OK it sounds like a Bad Power Supply here

by OH Smeg In reply to System intermittently reb ...

Start off by replacing this and testing again.

The Safe Mode Screen is coming up because the system has started loading Windows before it falls over so it returns to this screen after the restart every time.

You should also Test the HDD's with the Makers Testing Utility which you'll need to copy to a Optical Drive here along with the contents of a Boot Disc.

You can get the files required to make a Boot Disc from here

and the Makers HDD Testing Utility from here

If you have a Floppy Drive installed to this system just use a Windows 98 Boot Disc and copy the HDD Makers Testing Utility to another Floppy. When the System gets tot he DOS Prompt change Disc's and run the Testing Utility by typing in the name of the EXE File and pressing enter. Then follow the prompts to test the Drives.


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Bad Sectors ?

by Jacky Howe In reply to System intermittently reb ...

Boot from the Vista DVD and on the first screen click Next, click Repair your computer, click Next and select Command Prompt. Type in chkdsk c:/r and Press Enter.

Watch the screen for anything that may indicate Bad Sectors. If it finds Bad Sectors you should consider backing up the Drive and replacing it.

You could put the drive in a USB enclosure or connect it physically to another System.

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Heat Problem?

by adam In reply to System intermittently reb ...

Sounds like a problem I had with a machine a few years ago. the problem was eventually tracked down to a lack of grease between the processor and its heatsink. It only takes a few second for a processor to overheat so it will do this even after being powered off overnight.

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