system is in network but unable to ping that system

By sacpot ·
system is in network but unable to ping that system I can access the network

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More Information...

by kmcniff In reply to system is in network but ...

Need more info.
In the more onfo, assume I am asking these questions as if you were using the machine in question.
1. Are you running XP Pro, Home, or Vista?
2. When you say you can access the network are you saying can access and see the other machines on the local network, or the internet?
3. Is this machine in a Windows Active Directory Domain?
4. Is this machine configured for DHCP or static IP?
5. What is the IP address on that machine? (ipconfig at the command prompt).
6. What subnet is the rest of the local network?
7. Is the Firewall configured on the network port you access the network from?
8. Is this wireless or wired?
9. Can this machine ping anything else on the local network?

Obviously there are many reasons to see what you see, and the answers to the above may lead to a resolution of the problem, but also may not.

Look at the above questions and see if you can figure it out, or answer the questions and see if the forum can provide help based on those answers.

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Check ICMP

by Josh7066 In reply to More Information...

a firewall may be blocking icmp requests

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