System keep on reboots

I have a system(Aspire xp) that automatically restart after 10 to 30 minutes, it automatically restart and when the system boots there is always a beep sound produced from the system...what should i do...

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Try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to System keep on reboots

Press the WinKey + Pause
Click Advanced and under Startup and Recovery select Settings.
Uncheck Automatically restart.
Click on the dropdown arrow under Write debugging information.
Select Small memory dump (64 KB) and the output is %SystemRoot%\Minidump.
Restart the PC normally as this will allow the System to Blue Screen and create the Minidump.

Minidump Files can be found here. C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini122707-02.dmp

How to read the small memory dump files that Windows creates for debugging


To download and install the Windows debugging tools, visit the following Microsoft Web site:


Instructions on using Windbg.

Open Windbg and select file, Symbol file path and browse to the Symbol folder that you have downloaded and installed Symbols to, select OK.
Close the workpage and save the Workspace information. This should lock in the Symbol path.
Open Windbg and select file and select Open Crash Dump then navigate to the minidump, highlight it and select Open.
There are two ways to use !analyze -v the easiest is to click on !analyze -v under Bugcheck Analysis.
When you have ran the initial dump if you look to the bottom of the screen you will see kd> to the right of that type in !analyze -v and press the Enter key.
Ctrl + a will let you copy the information and paste it into notepad.

Look to the bottom of the page for information like this. This was fixed by updating the Graphics Drivers.




PROCESS_NAME: logon.scr

LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from 00000000 to bfef0fea

f6434e6c 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 sgiul50!DrvBitBlt+0x585

STACK_COMMAN .thread 0xffffffff864f6a98 ; kb

bfef0fea 75f9 jne sgiul50!DrvBitBlt+0x580 (bfef0fe5)


SYMBOL_NAME: sgiul50!DrvBitBlt+585


MODULE_NAME: sgiul50

IMAGE_NAME: sgiul50.dll


FAILURE_BUCKET_I 0xEA_IMAGE_sgiul50.dll_DATE_2001_08_18

BUCKET_I 0xEA_IMAGE_sgiul50.dll_DATE_2001_08_18

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by IC-IT In reply to Try this

and as usual full of good info. ;-)

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Quick

I got the idea from Col (OH Smeg). Over 2500 and still adding to the list. Might try and write a book one day.

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Something pop ups

by J COMP In reply to Try this

The C:\boot.ini file can not be opened. Operating system and timeout settings can not be changed
This notes pops up when i click settings under ADVANCE TAB but I do see the notes you mention, I unchecked the box and now trying to follow the rest thanks.
One more thing, Do you have any idea of a death of blue screen, what was it main cause?

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Are you logged

by Jacky Howe In reply to Something pop ups

on with Administrative permissions. To manually edit the Boot.ini you have to remove the Attributes from the file. From a Command prompt type attrib -s -h -r c:\boot.ini

A bit of reading material.

Demystifying the 'Blue Screen of Death'


Blue Screen of Death


Bluescreens on NT-based Windows systems are usually caused by poorly-written or outdated device drivers or malfunctioning hardware.

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BSoD is the third question in two seperate posts

by computechdan In reply to Something pop ups

i'm beginning to wonder if she's opened a pc repair business without proper expertise

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by Jacky Howe In reply to BSoD is the third questio ...

either that or keen to learn the fast way.

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Check your event logs

by IC-IT In reply to System keep on reboots

There may be a clue in there as to what is causing the restart.
You should also (perhaps only temporarily) turn off automatic reboot on error. This can be found through System Properties, Advanced Tab, Startup and Recovery, middle section System Failure - Uncheck Automatically restart.

If there are no events and no Blue Screens, then heat may be the issue (although normally that would be a hard shut down).

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a number of things..

by computechdan In reply to System keep on reboots

can cause a pc to reboot like u described

the main causes in my experience are in this order.

overheating, cpu heatsink is covered in dust bunnies or fan has failed

failing main board, swollen capacitors around the cpu.. capacitors should be perfectly flat on the ends where the k or + mark is and not have anything leaking out of them

failing or not properly connected RAM
if u wiggle the RAM a bit, NOT to much, and the computer reboots, it's probably not connected properly or failing, it can be removed and the gold contacts cleaned with a pencil eraser, then wipe any remains of the eraser off with a soft cotton cloth,
re-install and re-test
run a check on the ram...

other addin cards not properly connected or failing, wiggle test again, if it reboots try
cleaning as described above

poorly connected cables or an open in a cable
again the the wiggle test on all cables can often reveal the problem child


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by J COMP In reply to a number of things..

U are hlpful i'll try and check

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