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System Monitoring

By Jaqui ·
here's a system usage monitor app for all those that want to track cpu usage, and like watching women strip.

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nice . . .

by apotheon In reply to System Monitoring

Have you tried it out?

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Damn where's the windows version ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to System Monitoring

Have to got to a few free porn sites with IE now. You always get free software on those.

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a link

by Jaqui In reply to Damn where's the windows ...

is on the site to a windows port of it. ~G~
open source is generally cross platform after a while.

I was browsing through old pposts I had made on another site, this app was around 2 years ago, so it has windows port now.

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Good monitoring tool

by antuck In reply to System Monitoring

That is very funny! I downloaded the windows version and ran a virus scan. It is funny watching her clothes flash on and off. And then the pay off by closing the AV program. Man I can't wait to put this on one of those garbage ware infested machines. Wait maybe I shouldn't the computer will never get cleaned LOL.

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by Jaqui In reply to Good monitoring tool

compile it to work backwards..
the clothes come off when there is more cpu time available.

so keeping the system running good keeps the clothes off more.

running scans should keep her clothes off, not have them off and on.

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As it's Sunday

by Neil Higgins In reply to or

I thought I might add to this by giving out this link:

Total smut,but at least I laughed.Hope my wife thinks it's as funny,when she logs-on later today :)

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but those

by Jaqui In reply to As it's Sunday

are all winders only. no linux version available.
( also, apparently, trojan city )

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The City of Troy

by apotheon In reply to but those

No kidding, trojans. The mp3dancer page tried to send me at least seven cookies from sextracker (probably would have tried more than one from each URL, but I just blocked "all" from each URL the first time it tried). Even if I had a computer here that would run the things (without WINE), I wouldn't download them. I like my computers too much.

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I just looked

by Neil Higgins In reply to The City of Troy

up the word dancer on Google,and that was what I got.I did'nt click-on ANY link.**** no,my wife values HER laptop too much,and I aint having smut on my pc,heavon forbid :)Dont get the trojan wars over this.

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Featured Discussion?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to System Monitoring

Who picks the "Featured Discussions", and how did this one wind up on the list?

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