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By cherieewilliams ·
I have an dell latitude c810 when i cut the computer on its asking for a admin password i don't have one. I don't want to access anythong on the computer i want to install my own XP. how can i change any of that. i did have an access disk but the computer want let it run it cuts off. What do I need to do help? i bought the computer at a garage sale for $600.00 i called Dell they asked me for a tag # on the bottom of the computer there wasn't one on there so they wouldn't help.

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by cliff680 In reply to System password

I'm imaging that this is a power on password.

You need to either unplug the system battery for a few minutes, or remove the jumper the controls that.

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by TheChas In reply to System password

Laptops have system level passwords that once set cannot be easily reset by the user.

For most laptops, you need to provide proof of ownership, and have a factory service center reset the password.

For some, you actually have to replace the soldered in BIOS IC.

There is one last hope, and that is password crack sites.

Good luck,


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by willcomp In reply to System password

If it is system password, afraid TheChas is correct.

If it is Windows Administrator password, simply boot from Windows installation CD, re-partition hard disk, and install Windows XP.

By the way, you need an 800 MHz or better processor and 256MB RAM to run XP with reasonable performance.

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by www.junekey2000 In reply to System password

You can boot from the XP CD and install it to the same partition. If you need to save the files that are on the system, you can choose to kept those file when ask if you would like to leave them in tact.

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