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By cherieewilliams ·
I have an Dell Latitude c810 laptop. I'm getting the error message saying I need a password which I don't have. I bought the computer form a garage sale and I called Dell but the is no tag # on the bottom to give to them. How can I reset this to load all my new software on the computer when I can use it. i don't care what was on it previously I have Windows XP that i can load.
Please assist me someone

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by kimscomputing In reply to System password

Is the password in the bios(before winxp boots) or in winxp?

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by cherieewilliams In reply to System password
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by ferhad_khanzada In reply to System password

If the password screen appears at the startup of your System, then just open the note book and Short its CMOS battery. You can do this just putting the battery Cell of and, turn on your Note Book without CMOS battery. When you found any Error message during BIOS check then Off your system and put the Battery on the same place carefully and On your system?s Power. You will not found any password now. If you found any kind of Error messages regarding Date and Time of your system, don?t worry just change your System Time and Date.

If the password is appearing after system boot and If there is Windows XP or W2k OSs then you just boot your system from bootable FDD or CD and from Dos prompt just go to that path:

For W2k Pro:
C:\winnt\system32\config\ ( and delete SAM file)

For XP the path is:


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by bentbike1 In reply to System password

i have a simular problem with the latitude d600 the system is protected by a nother chip or thge bios chip no longer needs power there are several or at least one company that will fix it there are links to shorting the bios chip but this is not a bios issue more of a security mesure do a goole search for delllog in password bypass youll find a couple of companys that will remove the chip and install a new one

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by wlbowers In reply to System password

You cannot erase a Bios Password in Newer Laptops by removing the battery.

The Password is installed in a non volatile chip.

Dell laptops have a "master password" unique to each machine that you can use if your forget your BIOS password. You must contact Dell via the telephone and after a complete verification of your ownership of the computer, they will provide you with the necessary password.

Good Luck Lee

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by crokeefe In reply to System password

You can try what I just had to go through with Dell. At the password prompt, type 4dffmrcrm and hit CTL+Enter. wait a little and reboot. the BIOS s/b cleared - if it works. It worked on my Inspiron 8100, but there may be different codes for each line.

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