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    system permission disappear on shutdown


    by rgun2515 ·

    Why would the system permission over the Root “C” disappear on shutdown on an 2000 AD Controller? When I start the server I have to start in AD restore mode and add “system” to c along with full permissions. Then restart. It then boots and runs fine until the server is shut down. There are no error or warning events. It’s like someone deleted system form permission on c:\. Any Ideas?

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      Reply To: system permission disappear on shutdown

      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to system permission disappear on shutdown

      That is indeed a strange issue. Generally if you remove “SYSTEM” from the root share permissions, the base OS as well as AD would crash and burn.

      Unless there is some new virus or trojan running about that I’ve not seen or heard of before, I would say that you have an issue with someone experimenting with security permissions.

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