System Powers Up - But nothing happenes

By ulvde ·
I built recently new computer - well, after having problem with mounting posts - I used too much unnecessary screws and system was powering up and turning off instantly when I pressed power button, now I have another problem (after removing unnecessary posts and system powers up)- when I press power button now - case, cpu, graphic card fans, and power and reset button on the mobo seem working, but nothing else happenes - no pic on the screen as well as no beeps. Is that means my mobo crashed? My mobo is MSI DKA790GX. If I mistakenly plug AC'97 front panel cable instead of HD, that might be the result of that mistake?

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Could be lots of things.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to System Powers Up - But no ...

You said at one time you had too many screws. If you have removed too many, you could get the same results. You should have mounting screws and standoffs below all places on the motherboard where there is a metal sheath around the screw hole and they should be secure so there's no gap/space between the metal on the motherboard around the screw and the standoff. In addition, are you using metal standoffs or plastic? You should have at least one of them metal to ground the motherboard. If they're all plastic, it's not grounded and won't power up.

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You said it...

by Snuffy09 In reply to System Powers Up - But no ...

"I used too much unnecessary screws and system was powering up and turning off instantly when I pressed power button"

If you had screws touching your motherboard where they shouldnt be (metal touching your motherboard when powered on) you may have shorted out your motherboard if so its trash now.

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Re: Trash Mobo

by ulvde In reply to You said it...

I think so as well. I shorted it.

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Besides using too many screws which I'm not sure how to do that

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to System Powers Up - But no ...

If you have Mounting Posts installed but not in line with the Holes in the M'Board you will get the same results. The M'Board is Shorted and can not run. It is also possibly damaged and needs replacing as well.

The correct way to proceed here is to remove the M'Board from the case lay it on some white paper and try to power up. If it works properly there is no issues with it but if it fails to POST the M'Board, CPU, RAM or Video Card is shot.


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Re: Cheking Mobo

by ulvde In reply to Besides using too many sc ...

I layed it on a wite paper and powered up. It failed to post. And even when I remove RAM and power it up, no beeping happens. It is really pity that I damaged this mobo because the store I bought it don't have any left in stock, and I really enjoyed this mobo's design...

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Live & Learn

by Snuffy09 In reply to Re: Cheking Mobo

now you can add that to your list of things to watch out for the next time your building.

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by ulvde In reply to Live & Learn

Anyway the store I bought that mobo from accepted return )))

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Replace standoffs

by mjd420nova In reply to System Powers Up - But no ...

One of the first things I do in every build is to replace tha standoffs in the case with nylon or plastic ones. That way no matter how many I use, it won't short out. By shorting out in different places on the MOBO you may now have done damage to a couple of traces on the board.

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Re: Standoffs

by ulvde In reply to Replace standoffs

Yeah, you are probably right. But I always use what comes with case. And apparently I damaged my mobo severely. I should have bought ASUS, not MSI, but I really liked the way this mobo looks and its features. I was looking for a Mobo with AMD 790FX chip, but that one was more expensive than I expected so I bought the one with 790GX chip...

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