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    System problem reading memory


    by hrprof ·

    After recently upgrading to Win98 and FAT-32, I wanted to remove several old software programs. Eventhough I have 255 MB Ram, I’m prompted that I do not have enough memory to remove software. This also prevents me from running scandisk, reinstalling windows, etc. I have been told it is not reading the “conventional” memory, but no one seems to be able to tell me how to correct it. Please advise if you have any suggestions. I really need to correct this problem. Thank you.

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      System problem reading memory

      by paul majestic ·

      In reply to System problem reading memory

      What kind of RAM is it and does your motherboard support it? If it doesn’t support it try upgrading your BIOS.

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      System problem reading memory

      by buffalodan ·

      In reply to System problem reading memory

      The error you are experiencing may have nothing to do with the 255MB of physical ram, but more to do with windows using virtual memory. (hard drive space used to emulate RAM), If your hard drive has filled up, and has little room for the windows “swapfile” you will see this error, irregardles of the amount of physical ram installed.

      Try these steps:

      Open explorer, and navigate to the following folder: “C:\Windows\Temp…”, you can safely delete all files from this folder…


      Open control panel, locate “Internet options” and open this. Locate the temporary internet files section in the center of this window, and delete your temporary internet files.

      Reboot your computer, if all seems to be working properly, then empty your recycle bin.

      This may give you enough hdd space for windows virtual memory to allow for proper removal of applications using the control panels “Add/Remove” programs icon.
      Then do a full scandisk to make sure your hdd and file system are working properly.

      Good luck….

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        System problem reading memory

        by hrprof ·

        In reply to System problem reading memory

        These are the steps I’ve already taken and I’m still having a problem. Thanks or taking time to respond.

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