System properties box hack

By gforce007 ·
Is their a way, registery trick or what ever to change the Ram unites from GB to MB.
I mean when your system properties says you have 4GB of Ram, instead of saying 4GB i want it to be 4000MB.
is their a registery hack for it.

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Not unless you're running Windows x64-bit ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to System properties box hac ...

32-bit systems cannot make use of, let alone report, 4GB. The most a 32-bit system will use is around 3.2 - 3.3GB if you are lucky. The remainder is gobbled up by the motherboard and never made available to Windows.

Also 4GB is NOT 4000MB, it's 4096MB.

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by gforce007 In reply to Not unless you're running ...

Oh yeh surly it'll show 3.2GB as it has happened to every one...
And regarding 4096MB no doubt thats the correct conversion.

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I have used it before.

by gforce007 In reply to You may find some clues i ...

I had used resource hacker before. but not for this specific purpose.
thanx any way.

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