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By th5089y ·
How do i develop a recovery CD that can recover my system if it's crash?

Which software have this facilities, include make an image of whole harddisc and then burn in CD ?

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by wharb In reply to System Recovery

Try downloading NERO CD BURNER /w SYSTEM BACKUP from the Web [ ].

But be prepared for a long wait for the system backup/burning process to finish if you have a large hard drive with a larged percentage of used space and using quite a few CDs.

I recomment that you purchase a second hard drive of simular size and set it up as your slave drive and then configure a backup scheme to build a "TWIN" drive of your existing C: drive. When, and if, you have a hard drive crash you can bootup off of your "TWIN" drive as if it were your original hard drive with virtually no down time.(Setup your CMOS/BIOS to automatically bootup on the second IDE port/hard-drive when the first IDE[master] hard-drive fails.)


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by wlbowers In reply to System Recovery

You want a fool proof solution to data recovery.

Buy a removable hard drive tray and a second hard drive that is the same size as your c: drive.

Depending on your os you can mirror to this removable, complete the mirror, break the mirror and remove the drive.

Or you can leave the drive in a mirror state.

Using a program like partition magic 8 image the partition from your c: drive to the removable drive.

The second time around delete the existing on the removable and redo the partition copy.

A basic installation of Windows 2000 is going to eat up over 4 gig. 98 and ME are less XP is going to be more.

It will take multiple disk to do a back up. 10gig of information will require 3 DVD's or 13 CD's.

You will have to have a working system even if it is just dos, with the restore software to put it back.

Cost per megabite hard drives are getting cheaper all the time.

Time to accomplish the backup. The mirror or partition copy will win hands down. At 52x it takes @2.6 minutes to burn a cd.

I have one customer that has 3 removables. He keeps a continious mirror. On Friday he will break the mirror, change the removable and restablish the mirror. He rotates the drives.

There are lots of backup solutions out there. You can make it easy or hard. The problem with most of them is they take to long and people just won't take the time to do them.

Hope this rambling has helped.

Good Luck Lee

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by joortman In reply to System Recovery

Try using Norton Ghost. Setup the PC the way you want and then boot to Ghost. Create the Ghost image and burn directly to CD. Very easy to use. When you want to reload the image, boot to the disk and reload.

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