System recovery on an HP Pavilion a300n

By paulhenriques ·
I am trying to recover a pavilion a300n using the recovery image on the hard drive.

Whe I boot up the computer It says to press F1o to start the system recovery. I press F10 (many times) and the computer continues on and tries to boot normally.

I heard a rumor that there may be another key to press to enter the recovery partion but I have not been able to find it.

I popped the drive out and put it in a usb external drive enclosure and I can see 2 partions on this drive (the recovery partion and the windows partion).

Does anyone know of a way to get the system recovery to startup??

Any help is much appreciated.


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This should work

by w2ktechman In reply to System recovery on an HP ...

If not, you may need to order recovery cd's from HP. Go to the software and drivers page for the ordering info

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Does not work

by paulhenriques In reply to This should work

I've read this document also.

I can not get into windows (hence the need to restore) to run the restore from there.

When I try to restore from the startup screen, I press F10 repeatedly but it does not go into the system recovery process.

Seems silly that I have to order cd when I have all the files I need. The system just does not want to run them.

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there may be a problem

by w2ktechman In reply to Does not work

with the boot options, you can try to flash the BIOS, or order the recovery cd's to restore.
Also, when the system was first setup, it would have prompted to make recovery cd's of your own. If you created them, those can be used in place of ordering the cd's.

When I setup my own systems, this is an option that I always choose when the system is fresh (before Internet connection). Just in case.... Then I place them in a safe place.

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by Kiltie In reply to This should work

is the correct key to enter setup.
The details are in a hidden partition, I am now thinking that this has become corrupted and needs to be replaced/recovered.

In the Link w2ktechman gave, try the link within the NOTE section:

NOTE: HP PCs that ship with Microsoft Windows XP do not come with recovery CDs. Instead, they use a hidden space (partition) on the hard drive to store the recovery information. [.....] Recovery discs for Windows XP are available from HP for a minimal cost. Go to the section " Related support " for ordering information. Your PC may also contain Recovery Creation software

I had a compaq once, I found this hidden partition nonsense a nuisance, I'll never use them again.

Good luck

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Did you ever fix the problem?

by raymond.carroll In reply to System recovery on an HP ...

I'm having the same issues with my PC. Did you ever solve the problem with the start-up?

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