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System refresh and lastknowngood

By sheldonmwarden ·
1) I am told that we should restart our NT servers on a monthly basis to refresh resources. Is this really necessary? I hesitate to restart production servers that for whatever reason may not come back up after. What are the benefits as opposed to the risk?

2) I am also told that once the LastKnownGood has been chosen that you should restart your system to create a new LastKnownGood or there will not be one available should you need to choose it again in the event of a system failure.

I would appreciate any HARD FACTS on either of these 2 questions. Thank you!

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System refresh and lastknowngood

by curlergirl In reply to System refresh and lastkn ...

1) My opinion is that it is NOT necessary to restart NT servers on a monthly basis, with a caveat. I think it depends at least somewhat on what the server is doing. There is probably more reason to reboot a more heavily used server, but there is also more of a risk. I don't think there are any hard facts on this, only anecdotal evidence. I have servers that have run for months without needing a reboot. I figure that, with service packs and security patches, I'm going to need to reboot them for some reason every few months anyway, and that suffices. So I never do any "maintenance" type of reboots, I just do them when necessary.
2) My understanding of LNG is that the registry clone is created at the time of logon when the boot is successful. There is a registry value called ReportBootOK that the system uses to determine when the boot is successful (1=success). When you log on using the LNG, then the system doesn't create the registry clone because the ReportBookOK value isn't set (or is set to 0, I guess). Therefore, if you want to ensure that your LNG is REALLY the LNG, then you would have to reboot your system after you fix whatever it was that caused you to have to use the LNG configuration in the first place.

Hope this helps!

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System refresh and lastknowngood

by sheldonmwarden In reply to System refresh and lastkn ...

I need hard facts on #1 and #2 is ambigous!

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