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    System Restor comes up with blank screen


    by pc nut ·

    Working on a Windows XP laptop that wouldn’t allow hotmail e-mail or college e-mail to display. It worked fine until now college installed adaware. Checked that pop-up blocker was not on. Thought I would just use system restore to go back to a week ago, however, when I try to open system restore, I just get a blank white box. What could be wrong with system resore?

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      by tripster_web_design ·

      In reply to System Restor comes up with blank screen

      I have seen System Restore become corrupt by a virus or other software conflict issue and pull this stunt.

      You can try it in Safe Mode. At least in Safe Mode all the background services and other garbage will be Off as well as most viruses. You may be able to get a Restore out of the system in Safe Mode where you can’t in Normal Mode.

      System Restore harbors viruses so badly that I always turn it off and if Ad-Aware found something in System Restores image, it may have quarantined it or deleted it thereby corrupting Restores image totally and rendering it useless.

      And while the computer is booting, F8 into the Command Menu and choose “Last Known Good Configuration” …. sometimes you get lucky here and it actually will take you back to a working config.

      There are ways to attempt to Repair System Restore but I have found them to be useless since once the Restore Points have been corrupted, this is usually a fruitless effort. After all, System Restore is not GoBack – – LOL, it really does not keep an “Hard Copy” of your entire system in a “Hidden Area” like GoBack and some of the other Restore Software does.

      Check the Microsoft Knowledge Database and the other MS sites on how to “Work Around” System Restore and even use the Recovery Console or a full XP CD Boot Repair to get back to a good Desktop where all your attributes work properly. At least if a Full Repair works, you will not have to Format and lose data and profile info. And since it is most likely an OEM version of XP, you won?t have to bother with calling MS for activation. But then a lot of OEM?s don?t allow you to run that 2nd XP Repair from the CD either.

      As always, my answer is just a direction to point toward and may not be correct.

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      Reply To: System Restor comes up with blank screen

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to System Restor comes up with blank screen

      Well Chas is on the right track I would be booting into Safe Mode they way that has been described above and running both AV and Spy Ware scans over your system.

      As you have said that the college installed adaware was that on their unit or on yours?

      I’ve personally found System Restore to be worse than useless as it offers you a False Hope of getting back to a previous good configuration mostly it just doesn’t work and on the rare occasions when it does work it doesn’t make any difference.

      You could try System File Checker but you’ll need the install CD to recover corrupted files from and then you’ll have to perform any updates that you have done since the original install but that should get System Restore working again but you still will not have any Restore Points to work from so you’ll have to setup these accounts again which shouldn’t be too hard if the system is clean.


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      by ptreadway ·

      In reply to System Restor comes up with blank screen

      Go to,click on win xp utilites,click on blank system restore calendar.It is a repair.

      Hope this helps.

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      Reply To: System Restor comes up with blank screen

      by sue t ·

      In reply to System Restor comes up with blank screen

      Just a couple of thoughts. Since the college installed it I would first ask them if they can fix the problem. You should also check to be sure which ad aware program they installed as several have closely related names. Have you tried doing a repair of Internet Explorer and checking the settings in Tools, Internet Options because maybe those settings are too high and that is why you are having problems with internet email. You can repair I.E. by going to add and remove programs and choosing Internet Explorer. Repair will be one of the options that you will have to choose from.

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