System Restore

By mjc ·
Thanks for the info regarding starting System Retore thru Safe Mode. Why is this necessary? It used to work fine!

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There are any number of reasons

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to System Restore

The most likely would be some new software that's been installed has broken something within the Windows OS.

Remember that New Software doesn't just mean something new installed like an application but any new MS Hot Fixes or Service Packs that may have been recently installed. Sometimes they can break more than they fix and starting in Safe Mode allows you to run System Critical Utilities with the absolute minimum number of Drivers and applications running.


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Thank you

by mjc In reply to There are any number of r ...

I have had other problems since installing Service Pack 2. That may be it! I have tried to remove it to no avail. What you say sounds so reasonable and I thank you for your time.

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I Suppose

by mjc In reply to There are any number of r ...

I suppose the same thing that has stopped the System Restore is what has stopped the defragmenter? I think I can attribute all of this crazy stuff to Service Pack 2. It is insidious. No wonder Windows is so cagey about it.

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You can do an Inplace Install off XP

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I Suppose

And loose SP2 without loosing any other installed software by booting off the Install CD and reinstalling the OS without formatting the HDD. You'll loose any Service Packs and Hot Patches but it should cure your current problem if the Restore Option doesn't work.

Just one thing to look out for before you proceed and that is described here

They give a list of problems and solutions to prevent them in this article.


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sounds like a virus to me

by sgt_shultz In reply to System Restore

i'd put the drive in another system and run updated copies of anti-virus and anti-spyware on it. the 'defrag' gone is a real good sign you have a virus, maybe one of those root kit ones...

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Don't think so =

by mjc In reply to sounds like a virus to me

I just had this computer and all its software gone over from top to bottom by a very reputable firm ie who also does support for my computer system ie Systemax and they declare there is absolutely nothing wrong with anything - no virus of any kind. Whew! Also I am no longer able to save the stats from my web site onto a cd which Microsoft says is the fault of the 'patch' failing to notify my system that it is ok to do the cd's. They told me how to correct it but it is too complicated for my level of knowledge. So - I would not hesitate to fault the Service Patch2 for all of these problems. I have talked with so many people who have had trouble with it.

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